Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Rants: Hold Your Baby Just a Little Bit Closer

This blog is about compassionate motherhood. And where better to start this journey than by recognizing how much a miracle, blessing, and joy our own children are? Remember that no matter how difficult parenting is you can reach inside yourself and find a little bit extra to give to your kids. So take your child and hold him/her closer for a minute today. Let them know how much you love them and let yourself be in that moment of love with your child.

Before I had any children I thought that the words "in love" were reserved for romantic notions. I have come to realize that this is not true. I can quite deeply and honestly say how in love I am with my daughter and my angel baby.

We should never take our love for granted, forget it in the midst of surmounting parenting decisions and overtiredness. Some days we are reminded that people lose their children and others ache to have some and cannot. Since our loss I have not been able to forget this lesson and today I was reminded again how life can bring both joy and pain. We are blessed beyond measure to have a child to hold and to hug. So to all the parents out there who have a child in arm's reach please hold them a little closer today. And to all the parents out there who ache to have a child or to hold a child you have lost, you are in my thoughts and in my family's prayers. Please know that I realize how blessed we are and I will forever treat my daughter with compassion. I will not take a moment for granted.
"Remember, you are not managing an inconvenience; You are raising a human being ~ Kittie Frantz"

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